Suppliers - Remove the Middleman

Reach more customers, grow your sales, improve your margins Learn how it works

VP Sales

Reach More Customers

Don't let the GPO lock you out - grow your territory by utilizing nogpo to cultivate new customers.

Lead generation - Access and respond to RFP’s generated by the exchangeMake pricing and promotion offers to the entire exchange or to select targetsRespond to special purchase requestsMonitor and respond to pricing changes, dynamically adjust offeringsDirectly collaborate with your target audience and decision makers

Increase Market Share

Publish your products catalog to get your products in front of the worldwide group of buyers

Be seen by buyers, nurses, CFO’s whenever they purchase productsCommunicate directly with your target customersCustomize pricing and promotions based on nogpo 360 intelligenceIncrease profitability and wallet shareProactively manage communications around product recalls and replacements

Increase Sales and Profitability

Open new channels and markets without adding cost, develop under performing territories, break the stranglehold that the GPO’s have on your customers.

Target and win new customersImprove your wallet share with existing customersReduce your reliance on GPO’s and improve profitabilityCommunicate, collaborate and develop direct relationship with hospitalsAccess market intelligence and respond to new product and market opportunities

Simplify Selling

nogpo is a new sales channel that delivers revenues without substantial incremental costs! There are no channel conflicts or confusion. You are in direct control of the pricing, promotion and delivery. Manufacturers, dealers and distributors all coexist.

The platform streamlines order management and delivery. You control the distribution.24X7 visibility into your sales and intelligence to drive pricing and promotions.Target under-performing territories and acquire new customers.

Increase Profitability

You have constant pressures from market as well as GPOs to reduce pricing and offer higher discounts and rebates. With nogpo exchange reap the benefits of transparency and business intelligence to profitably manage your business.

With nogpo there is no year-end haggling or pressure to reconcile the rebates and discounts.You have direct visibility into your pricing and profitability before you conclude your sale.With real time intelligence on consumption patterns your investment dollars go to most profitable products and services.

More Prospects

With nogpo you decide who to do business with, at what price and under what terms.

You are never tied into unprofitable contracts, you decide on your own terms and conditions.Multiple choices to target specific customers be it long term or 'spot sells'.You communicate directly with hospitals and develop direct relationships.