There are many ways to use an IDN to achieve supply chain savings - the right way, and all the others. (We help make sure you get the first one.)

Integration isn’t easy, and doing it right can be harder still. If you have an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN), or if you’re thinking of creating one, you’re well aware of the pricing challenges facing healthcare supply professionals. You also know the potential savings an IDN can provide. Most players in the healthcare field, however, are still using ERP or GPO models which are inefficient, ineffective, and costly to maintain and operate. Whether you choose vertical or horizontal integration, the right application of an IDN can make a big difference.

IDNs are a solution waiting to be grasped.

Of course, while IDNs address a multitude of problems you most likely face, they don’t automatically solve them on their own:

Great vision can be undone by flawed execution. Even with an IDN, if your underlying processes continue to operate as usual, you’ve in effect put a band aid on a serious business ailment.

One size does not fit all. Acute and non-acute facilities each have their own business requirements. Sub-standard product data result in sub-standard savings – if any. It’s critical to invest in data standardization and to maintain uniform catalogs and pricing, and continually update pricing, recall, and replacement information. Multiple IT systems lack real-time integration. Systems that don’t speak the same language often get the same results – poor ones. Failure to embrace cloud and SaaS technologies results in failure to optimize savings. The same old systems deliver the same old, under-performing, results. IDNs are just the beginning. The next wave of optimization and innovation will be Virtually Integrated Delivery Networks (VIDNs) that will combine spend, common processes and best practices based on the specialty of the organization and collaborate on a global basis.

nogpo can make any IDN perform better - quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Whether you are looking to optimize and re-engineer your current IDN, or you are creating a new one, we can help:

nogpo Integrated platform. It’s a one-stop shopping for your entire supply chain operations and intelligence. Consolidate your spend, communicate and collaborate with your suppliers while standardizing common processes, and leverage the ease of use of the system. No hidden fees. nogpo platform is built on the latest and best cloud technologies. The pricing mechanism is transparent and there are no maintenance and support costs. Concentrate on running your business and improving patient outcomes. nogpo platform is delivered as SaaS. There are a number of invisible services at the backend that make the user experience seamless and easy. You never have to worry about managing data, catalogs, pricing, and extracting business intelligence. Effectiveness vs efficiency. nogpo platform powered by big data analytics and predictive intelligence provides effectiveness improvements many times efficiency improvements alone. Secure, easy to access, business on the go. You can access the nogpo cloud from anywhere, from any device of your choice.For more information about IDNs and how they can help you reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, please contacts us at vidn@nogpo.com or call 908-275-8570