We have a one-of-a-kind software product, but we are not a one-size-fits-all solutions provider. We understand that some companies are stuck with long term contracts with their current providers but still need outside help. That’s why nogpo.com offers additional services to help product manufacturers and healthcare providers address specific concerns as they arise. Those services include:

Master data management:

Using third party tools and proprietary technologies, we help our clients extract the data buried in multiple silos, structured and unstructured, ERP systems, and differing taxonomies and languages. We then help them clean and classify it to better understand – and benefit from – buying behavior, patterns, trends, pricing, and methods to monetize this knowledge to drive business outcomes. Please contact us at services@nogpo.com to discuss.

Electronics product catalog maintenance and support:

We improve our clients’ product catalogs with additional classification services like UNSPSC, normalizing the UOM, standardizing on major and minor attributes, and maintaining an updated database of recalls and replacements. Please contact us at services@nogpo.com to discuss.

Contracts digitization and compliance:

More often than not, contracts are buried in multiple data repositories and in different formats. And manufacturers and hospitals alike frequently don’t even own the contract database. We help create and maintain a digital database of contracts for each client, with key spend information like pricing, tiered rebates, start and end dates, and contract terms – all of it constantly reviewed and updated. Please contact us at services@nogpo.com to discuss.