How It Works For Suppliers

Selling with no barriers

If you are a manufacturer, dealer or a distributor, you have faced the following challenges at some point or another:

You are not a “preferred supplier” and hence locked out of lucrative contracts.Pricing and profitability erosion.Constant downward pressure from the GPO’s for reduction in prices, higher discounts and rebates.Higher internal costs of operations, leading to increased outsourcing and offshoring resulting in increased supply chain risks.Higher research and development costs and longer lead times for new product development leading to cash flow crunch.Lack of dynamic visibility of consumption patterns of hospitals- inhibiting improved production planning and control.Lack of real time visibility on price movements leading to lost opportunities

With nogpo.com exchange you are in control, you decide:

What do you want to sell to whom and what pricePublish your products and pricing to the entire exchange or to targeted hospitalsOffer special pricing and incentives at appropriate timesDynamically alter pricing to move your products and servicesAccess the national hospital directory and begin a 1-1 relationship directly with decision makers

Adopting the nogpo.com exchange is a no brainer- It does not need any investments, buying expensive hardware or software.

It’s a simple 3 step process:

1 Log into the www.nogpo.com platform2 Create an ID for yourself and your organization, provide essential information3 Publish your catalog and pricing