Total Supply Chain Management for Your Hospital

Buy the best products at the lowest costs - Learn how it works

Materials Manager

Save Time and Improve Outcomes!

You don't put a price on positive patient outcomes. But you can on the costs associated with achieving them. With nogpo nurses can quickly and easily order the specific parts they want, evaluate alternate options, or even replace a part with a remade or refurbished product without adversely affecting patient outcomes.

One click purchasing with saved proceduresEasy to apply doctors preferencesSignificant savings with automatic prompts for lower cost alternativesEasy to manage backorders and recallsSimple tracking of previous purchases

Find Low Cost Alternatives and Save Money!

Negotiating with suppliers. Making multiple calls to check on stock. Constantly checking prices. It takes more time than most buyers want - or have - to spend. Nogpo streamlines your daily activity

One click purchase of high frequency buysFind function equivalencies and physician preference itemsReceive special offers from suppliersCreate and publish RFP’s to nogpo exchange or to specific suppliersManage recalls and backordersIntegrated messaging with suppliers and nursesResearch and discover new suppliers through the nogpo global databaseCut requisition management time by half

Create dynamic and predictable supply chain!

Everything has to run smoothly. Everything has to contribute to increased patient satisfaction. Nothing can cost more than it should. Managing these sometimes conflicting objectives is not easy, nogpo gives you the tools you need.

Eliminate multiple systems and put your entire supply chain management processes in one placeSimplify your entire requisition to fulfillment cycleReduce dependencies and take control of your supply chainDiscover new suppliers and create competitive pricing structureDeliver consistent cost savings through nogpo360 recommendationsBe the go to person for the CFO

Gain Control of Your Supply Chain

Costs keep going up. Reimbursements keep going down. And regulations - well, just take a look at the Affordable Care Act and its still-evolving rules, requirements, and potential impact on your bottom line. About the only leverage you have to secure the resources you need to deliver the patient outcomes you want is in your supply chain. nogpo gives you tools to gain total control of the supply chain.

Gain visibility into your entire supply chain costs and opportunities 24X7 Analyze and review spend at a single hospital or group of hospitalsGet category and commodity level intelligence reports, recommendations and alerts to save costsMeasure and improve procedure level material costs and P/LGain intelligence on physician preference items and drive cost savings through advanced analyticsDrive revenue and increased collections through improved charge master feedsAnalyze potential impact of mergers and acquisitions on your supply chain

Kerry Gillespie- Senior Healthcare Finance Executive

"It's time to make healthcare supply chain management easy."

Simplify Buying

With nogpo exchange there are not multiple systems to log into, no dependency on multiple providers, and definitely no hidden costs! The SaaS platform facilitates the entire buying process seamlessly, automates work flows, improves efficiency, and reduces costs.

It’s a platform developed solely for the purpose of the healthcare industry and balances the requirements and contributions of GPOs, manufacturers, dealers, distributors and hospitalsBrings a retail like experience to the buying process while increasing compliance, governance and effectiveness.Helps various stake holders focus on the most important outcome -- patient wellness.Setting up, training and running the platform is as easy as 1-2-3.

More Choice

The nogpo platform provides multiple choices. Instead of using an exchange from one provider, an item master from another, and analytics from the third with all of them having their own vested interests, the nogpo platform provides multiple choices.

Use the platform in the best way that suits your goals. You can use the entire platform as is, integrate it with your ERP systems or transact through the exchange.Evaluate multiple suppliers and their custom pricing without leaving your office.Identify real cost savings measures through the nogpo 360 module without the bias of vested interests.Let the analytics make your supply chain more dynamic and help begin concrete discussions on PPI and other thorny issues.

Save Money

Every part of the nogpo platform generates intelligence to save money – whether from direct cost savings, increased efficiencies, reduced waste, or increased use of remakes and refurbished items or functionally equivalent products for physician preference items.

Up to the minute big data analytics provide pro-active savings suggestions. Frees you up for implementation instead of burying you in large amounts of data.Minute category and sub-category level spend intelligence drives change in behavior and cost savings.Helps measure profitability at a procedure level and target services in a more focused manner.