nogpo Exchange

nogpo exchange is a marketplace where hospitals and suppliers can transact with each other without a middleman.

nogpo is the industry’s first vendor neutral SaaS platform that facilitates direct transactions between suppliers and hospitals. It creates a win-win situation by providing cost savings for hospitals and new revenues for suppliers.


An aging population is putting tremendous burdens on the system. Slower and reduced reimbursements from insurance companies add to the challenge. Constant under investments in technology and over reliance on GPOs have reduced hospitals’ effectiveness and profitability. With nogpo.com, the control is back in your hands.

By joining the nogpo.com exchange you get:

Reduced cycle time in new supplier discovery. Directly publish RFPs to the entire supplier base or to select suppliers.

Market driven pricing and promotion leading to huge savings, not controlled by GPO.Transparency in pricing and visibility into cost savings.Leverage remade and refurbished products at attractive price points without affecting patient outcomes.Updated recalls and replacements information directly from the manufacturers delivered to your profile. Reduce and eliminate liabilities.


Global competition is more intense than ever. There is pricing and profitability erosion on all fronts while your research, manufacturing, sales, and distribution costs keep going up. Adding fuel to the fire, there is an increased demand for rebates and discounts!

Join the nogpo platform and benefit from:

Publishing products and pricing to the entire subscriber base of the exchange or to specific hospitals.nogpo360 generated pricing intelligence- Regaining control over pricing and promotions.Access new opportunities generated through the exchange and respond to RFP’s.Publishing recalls and replacements in a centralized location and reducing risks of liability.Direct communication with hospitals and decision makers. Better understanding of demand.Real time collaboration with hospitals- leading to new product ideas and increased efficiency.