How It Works For Hospitals

Your Supply Chain Reimagined

nogpo exchange is a unique platform, delivered SaaS, it provides an entire suite of software products to manage your supply chain processes. It also enables real time commerce between suppliers and hospitals to deliver cost savings to hospitals and improve patient outcomes.


What’s out there? What does it cost? How much have you already contracted for? How do you get it for the best possible price, with all the rebates and discounts you’ve earned?

The right answers to those questions are key to arriving at the better outcomes you want and patients demand.

The nogpo eCatalog answers them, and more. It

cleans, de-dupes, and classifies your spend data and maps it to our catalog.combines and updates information from the latest suppliers’ catalogs. You can be confident you always order based on the latest information and at optimal pricing.finds and scores major and minor product attributes. You’ll instantly see equivalent products available at lower prices, without affecting patient outcomes.assigns HCPCS coding to every product and part. It’s a match made in supply chain heaven, letting you marry your item master with your charge master, accounting for all costs in a systematic way.identifies the mother-child relationship for every part you need. You never have to worry whether you’ve ordered the right combination of parts for a particular procedure.extracts your historical physician preference item (PPI) data and compares it with industry best practices and provides recommendations for replacements.marries products and pricing from your contracts and physician preference scoring and force ranks your selection so that you are always selecting the best choice.

And we make all this available 24/7 on smart devices through standard Internet connections.

Order Management

You need it, your order it, you get it. If retailers can do that and get satisfied customers as a result, why can’t healthcare providers do the same thing and get better patient outcomes?

With nogpo’s order management system, they can. This easy-to-use, role-based system:

Simplifies requisition creation and management.Electronically authorizes the requisition based on dollar value or spend category.Creates purchase orders (POs) automatically.Facilitates paperless shipping of PO to supplier through EDI and other electronic mediums.Lets the supplier flip the PO into an invoice automatically.

Seamlessly integrated with our eCatalog, it provides 24/7 ease of use from all devices by nurses, buyers, and managers, getting it right first time, every time. It’s fully customizable, and even allows bar code scanning of consigned inventory for instant use in all medical procedures. And it also helps manage and limit liability with the latest product recall and replacement alerts.

nogpo 360

The CFO has every conceivable bit of spend data right at his fingertips. So do the category and materials managers, the strategic sourcing experts, and the contracting professionals.

Now what?

The problem in healthcare spend these days isn’t too little data, it’s too much – from too many sources, in too many forms, based on too many different standards.

There are plenty of one-size-fits-all spend visibility platforms that promise to make sense of all this data. But nogpo 360 is the only software built exclusively to address the specific concerns of the healthcare supply chain. Designed around the unique relationship between manufacturers, GPOs, and hospitals, it is a pure, analytical platform that accurately and continually predicts the steps to take to realize ongoing cost savings. nogpo 360:

Extracts data from disparate sources such as accounts payable, purchase order systems, contracts, invoices, general ledger, supplier master, and moreUses proprietary technologies to clean, classify, and normalize all dataCombines business rules, complex algorithms, and big data analysis techniques to find outliers in price, demand, specifications, compliance, processes, payment terms, working capital optimization, and a whole host of attributes

The result is a scalable and flexible customized reporting and intelligence tool that delivers timely, relevant, and most importantly actionable recommendations to everyone in the supply chain.


Time wasted is time not spent delivering better patient outcomes. That’s why nogpo has created eCollaborate, a real time collaboration module that uses propriety instant messaging and other channels to enable hospitals and to have a dialogue whenever and wherever they want.

This collaboration saves the time that would otherwise be spend on multiple emails, repetitive phone calls, voluminous faxes, and other typical communications, allows stake holders to respond to each others’ requirements quickly, and – bottom line – improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Supplier discovery and RFP engine

Supplier discovery is a lengthy and time consuming process but it does not have to be with nogpo global supplier database and RFP engine! You can search and contact the suppliers either individually or as a group and publish targeted RFP’s to solicit responses to your requirements. The RFP engine analyzes the responses and provides the best fit for your requirement.